Multiple Challenges to Capture Your Mind

While this book is designed to help guide you along your path of self improvement, there are challenges hidden among the pages to enlighten that path. The first challenge in the book is to discover a four word sentence hidden multiple times inside. The author’s advice is to be observant and logical. Once the solution is discovered - remember it is for you - so please don't share it. The following was written by the author to initiate your search and validate your solution.

Start with you, step back a few,
It's three are like it's middle;
Now use them plus a flower,
This key unlocks the riddle.

It’s not too deep, so do not weep,
Improving your life comes first;
And if you uncover the secret,
You’ll certainly quench your thirst.

The ‘ultimate challenge’ is presented through an oration delivered by Roneas. When readers begin using the principles offered, they will quickly notice how their lives can be treated in a better way. The ultimate challenge is a personal journey toward living the best of all possible lives.

An Endless Quest Awaits

Roneas, a remarkable man from the village of Gentarses, has developed a way to assure he could maintain a better, more fulfilling and happy life. Yes, he lived every moment of every day in a way that we should all come to understand. He learned to enhance his own life in such a way that he would enhance the lives of all those around him.

But there is much more, for multiple challenges are presented by the author to keep readers constantly involved with his book. The time spent searching becomes secondary to the story itself. Readers should know the author collected observations for over 40 years, and when he finally began practicing the principles he observed, the results were miraculous.

The story can be read in a single sitting, and it has been presented in a most humble way. Even so, it will forever be there to let readers understand how much more there is to living the way we should all live.

The Secret Is Revealed!

This book is extraordinary and absolutely refreshing, for it truly provides readers everything needed to lead happy, fulfilling and prosperous lives. The author tested his own views and specifically determined how to control his own life first. The next step was to share specific ways to enhance our own lives in such a way that we also enhance the lives of all those around us.

This diminutive, easy-to-read book is a must read. The ultimate challenge is on!

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